about us
CSSTEL is a privately held developer and manufacturer of ComView hardware and software solutions for secure, remote infrastructure site management. 

Founded in 1997, we began as a small team of engineers with a passionate belief in delivering and supporting the best data acquisition solutions. In 1998, we delivered our first ComView data collection devices to services and financial corporations for use in their centralized data acquisition applications. Shortly after, we then followed with the development of complementary data acquisition management software that our customers enjoyed for its automation. 

Through the years, with the collaboration with various national telecom operators and large corporations, we continued to develop and build a portfolio of ComView solutions to the complete satisfaction of our worldwide network of customers. Our ComView devices have their footprints in over 30 countries worldwide with many of these devices having their active service lifespan of over 15 years. 

COVID-19 pandemic had given us the opportunity to reposition our ComView portfolio, resulting in the development of new ComView NX product series. ComView NX was engineered with simplicity in mind. We applied this design philosophy to all aspects of this ComView product development; from software architecture, user app modularization, device configuration, Do-It-Yourself, data visualizations, to minimizing the number of mouse clicks to access a web function or information.
Unlike other products on the market, with unnecessary complexity that requires extensive usage training, our ComView solutions bring simplicity to alleviate operational burden on users while offering them a modern approach to address complex remote site management. 

Whether you are a prospective ComView user, a potential business partner, a technology solutions acquirer, or an investor, we cordially invite you to explore the possibilities with us! 

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