for modern remote site management
CSSTEL ComView solutions bring simplicity with a modern approach to remote site management to help you maintain constant visibility and control over your remote sites, improve operational efficiency, reduce overall operating and maintenance cost, reduce downtime and service interruptions, and improve quality of services and customer satisfaction.
ComView Overview
one mediating platform
Simplify your tasks in monitoring and managing disparate infrastructure assets
ComView integrates various types of physical interfaces on one platform to help you consolidate the connectivity of your infrastructure assets more readily and easily for remote monitoring and management to improve your operational efficiency, particularly in heterogeneous infrastructure environment.
Adapt to meet your operational needs now and in the future 
ComView solutions offer a suite of user apps, helping you simplify your site management tasks that deal with remote system administration, data collection, alarm monitoring, control, automation, and performance trend studies. Should it be required, apps can be customized, or new apps can be added to meet your specific requirements.
Deliver site management capabilities onsite and in real-time
ComView solutions offer unique capabilities that enable site management tasks typically supported only at the network centers to be performed onsite and in real-time, helping you reduce decision-making time and operational overheads.
Put you in control of what matters
OurComView platform implements the “Do-It-Yourself” approach to give you that peace of mind, knowing that you are in control of such solutions.
who we are
We develop, build, market, sell, and support leading-edge remote site monitoring and control solutions since 1997 with installations in over 30 countries around the world
what we do
We offer ComView solutions that are scalable and customizable to monitor and manage virtually the entire spectrum of remote site infrastructure and site conditions
who we serve
We help telecom service providers, carriers, financial institutions, healthcare providers, government agencies, utilities, and other public and private sector organizations maintain constant visibility and control over their remote site infrastructure

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