"ComView gateway devices help consolidate and simplify site management"
CSS ComView site management gateways are multi-application devices that can readily adapt to site specific requirements, allowing users to consolidate and simplify multi-vendor site monitoring and management in order to improve operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.
ComView gateway offers various physical and virtual interfaces to support a wide range of site elements from simple sensors to more complex protocol-based systems.

Using its built-in advanced capabilities or specific plug-in apps; ComView can monitor relay contacts, measure analog signals, receive SNMP traps, poll SNMP agents, read Modbus registers, or interact with any system to logon, extract and parse data for user-specific requirements. ComView can use email, SNMP trap, SMS and ASCII messages to deliver user-definable alarms. It can also map site status, measurements, captured values and other strategic data to SNMP MIB OIDs, Modbus registers, BACNet objects or text files to ease its integration with any SNMP or SCADA-based NMS.

Whether your applications require alarm monitoring, data acquisition and analysis, control, task automation or consolidating site management, ComView gateway can readily support your applications.