ComView Gateways
ComView NMS
ComView NMS is SCADA-based management software that is instantly intuitive for remote site monitoring and management. It is scalable and customizable to easily meet specific user requirements today and tomorrow.
Platform Feature Highlights
ComView lets users do more with its multi-application capability through support of various interfaces and application software:
Network Overview
ComView NMS provides network overview for users to quickly visualize site locations using geographical map display or abstract-based drawings. For large network, sites can be conveniently grouped according to user-defined operational regions with drill-down access to individual sites. Alarm indicators are placed at individual site or group of sites to quickly draw the operator's attention directly to the problems for immediate corrective actions.

Site View
ComView NMS offers users instantly intuitive site views that are specifically designed with rich graphical representation of processes, data, and events at each site; allowing users to visually and quickly correlate events, monitor and control processes.

Report Generator
ComView NMS offers user-predefined set of reports and also ad-hoc reporting to allow users to select any process variables to create specific reports on demand.

Reports can be run daily, weekly, monthly, manually, or on event with output to a display screen, a file, an ExcelŽ spreadsheet, a template, a database, or as an email attachment.

Scalable & Customizable
ComView NMS is fully scalable and customizable to user specific requirements. With ComView NMS, users can now manage their remote sites more intuitively while protecting their investment for years to come.

Alarm Panel
ComView NMS provides a color-coded alarm panel that displays current, active, unacknowledged, disabled, and configured alarms sorted by date/time and filtered by functional area or priority.

Users can print any range of alarms and event history for troubleshooting and analysis.

Historical Data Viewer
ComView NMS logs data in its database and provides users a continuous view of both historical and real-time data in a single timeline that can cover the entire lifespan of user application.

ComView NMS not only offers user predefined data views of process variables as graphs or tables, it also lets users display on demand any number of process variables together to help ease data correlation and analysis.